Do Try This At Home

Running out of excuses for things they’ll always do later
Googling things that they can use instead of toilet paper

Rubbish Poems

I fail to see the irony in what I’m about say, that I don’t care about the planet as long as I’m OK

New Year, New Me

The New Year is here and suddenly ’tis the season, to change everything about oneself for no particular reason

Now Only 10p

I enter the shop and head in your direction
I can see you from here – my beloved reduced section

Why I’m Boycotting Clothes

Surely we don’t all want to wear the same thing as everyone else? And surely there are more important things to value than looks and image, like human rights and the environment?

How to be a Rebel

Step away from power and greed
Learn to empathise and forgive
You don’t have to love thy neighbour
Just respect their right to live